A95 cleared to sell only gasoline Biofuels: Be very careful

Industry has just proposed information cleared up the petrol A95 to move to sell 2 types of bio-petrol is 92 Ron and Ron 95 E5 E5 of Saigon Petro and the expected sum to the Government.

Consumers, car experts as well as economic experts have mixed opinions around this issue, especially when gasoline E5 is not popular.

Want to remove petrol A95: need the roadmap as well as base and scientific evaluation

3.5 days, in Exchange for the labor Newspaper, the economic specialist for Le dang that, the luxury car line very fussy about gasoline should want to remove petrol A95, authorities need is for the market as well as the people the question as “whether the high engine that level accept gasoline E5 types or not? Vietnam has enough to supply the ethanol gasoline enough cassava and meet the requirements of those million motorcycles available today or not? Besides, want to deploy the required base, the industry if off topic as technical base, then how? This expert review, if given sake can damage expensive cars and engines will have to pay a huge price, consumers will have to react and if pressed to use it will not match the economic law , engineering.

Regarding this proposal, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan-a representative of the car manufacturers Association (VAMA) said Vietnam, the perspective of VAMA support as this contributes to reduce dependency on petroleum supplies are exhausted environmental protection, because the Ethanol helps gasoline burn cleaner and vehicle engines can use E10 without affecting operation, durability but insists, to expand further the kind of gasoline E5 should ensure the quality of gasoline E5 , avoid commercial fraud in the process of dispensing, distribution.

This representative also suggested that the Government should reduce taxes to gasoline E5 have the off chance, motivated customers to purchase eco-friendly fuels this environment and if Vietnam wants to introduce the E20 has 3, E85 like Thailand need a route to the export the cars prepare to change the product accordingly.

Meanwhile, a longtime expert on techniques the car again expressed concern about the possibility of cleared A95 petrol. This specialist said that gasoline powered vehicles your A95 operate more than draw, escapes and several car lines, modern car petrol A95 is recommended because the would be better for the gas injectors in engines for sprayers of this car line built sophisticated should dirty gasoline, not sure will influence.

Besides, the ethanol gasoline lighter can lead to stratification phenomenon in the fuel if the car less and can harm the engine injectors, make it dirt quickly. This expert said, in other countries, biological gas if one State official certifying user still good, many lines of cars outside gas tank lid up paste is allowing gasoline E10, E20 has 3 even E5. However, it is the country with the modern blends technology, ethanol quality guarantee.

Also DR. Nguyen Minh Phong economic-former head of economic research, the Research Institute developed the Hanoi-that KTXH, proposed “death” RON 95 petrol in accordance with the laws of the market, Vietnam even now beginning to switch to using petrol completely born learning is slow in comparison with the world. However, when the switch to bio-gasoline, the authorities are committed to ensuring the quality and transparency of information to people believe gasoline.

Consumers desire the “death” of gasoline A95 should be very careful and have a roadmap. Photo: HAI NGUYEN

The total volume of gasoline E5 42% occupied domestic consumption

According to statistics of the Ministry of industry and trade, 2 months of the year 2018, total domestic fuel consumption of about 1,429,905 m3, in which gasoline E5 RON 92 reached about 593,609 m3, representing about 42% density, RON 95 about 836,296 m3, representing approximately 58% density.

“The total volume of gasoline E5 consumed 42% is domestic (33%-34% increase compared to the year 2017 is 8%-9%). In particular, some businesses have important clue consume E5 with the total fuel consumption as the celestial Minh Duc joint stock company (reached 70.93%), military petrol Corporation (62.37%), Vietnam (PVOil Oil Company , won 51.37%), Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex, Vietnam gained 47.06%), Hai Linh co., Ltd (46.24%). This is a very good signal of the gasoline market, “Vice Minister Thang Hai-reviews of the latest meetings with oil and gas companies.

However, the DN, Mr. Tran Ngoc-Deputy General Director of Vietnam Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex)-for that, selling gasoline E5 has not reached expectations, consumers haven’t really trust when using gasoline E5, by public opinion in Italy has more social comments, spread between gasoline and gasoline E5 bio-mineral RON 95 is not yet attractive enough to the users.

Besides, the deployment of many traders clues yet really fierce. Domestic tapioca prices are rising prices increase the raw materials to produce ethanol E100 E100 sale price makes the recently increasing cost of gasoline mixed E5 also increased, making it difficult for COMPANIES.

His fellow-General Director of Huaiyang County High PVOil-want to understand correctly about gasoline E5 need knowledge, need propaganda, orienting public opinion properly. The proposed PVOil representative, about how the disparity in price between E5 and RON 95 is 1,800-2,000 copper was attractive with gasoline E5 more.

Also he Tran Minh Ha-Deputy General Director of the oil and gas limited (Saigon Petro)-identified, if not improve on policy, bio-gas production sold out will not be as expectations and increasing disparity between E5 and RON 95 from 1,800 copper upwards, as such, would be really attractive, especially taxi driver object.

Besides, he laid out the problem, should soon implement bio-gasoline 95 RON E5 sale and trading only 2 types of gasoline nationwide is RON 92 and 95, RON E5 E5. Comments received by many representatives DN. Deputy Minister Thang Hai also appreciated and affirmed, will sum to the Government report.

Source: laodong.vn