E5 gasoline consumption in HCMC rise

E5 gasoline output rising from 6.7% up 33% after a deployment point simultaneously sell gasoline E5 as the roadmap.

HCMC Department of Industry and Trade and HCM City has released the report on the situation of supply and consumption in the province E5 from 25-12-2017 to 10-1-2018.

Accordingly, as of December 10-1-2018 the yield of gasoline consumption on the Ho Chi Minh City of some businesses, agents, agents for gasoline E5 increase dramatically.

Specifically, in the area of petroleum company 2 (Petrolimex Saigon) before the gasoline output 15-12-2017 E5 consumed an average of 1,700 m3/month, A92 gasoline is gasoline per month, m3 11,852 A95 is 12,928 m3/month. The proportion accounted for 7% of gasoline A92, E5 accounted for 45%, petrol A95 accounted for 48%. After the death of gasoline A92 gasoline consumption rate 32.09% increase, gasoline E5 A95 was 67.91%.

Similarly, in the oil and gas company Ltd. HO CHI MINH CITY (Saigon Petro) before the 15-12-2017 gasoline consumption rate of only 6% E5 Biology A92 gasoline, 66% is petrol A95, is 28%. After the death of gasoline A92 gasoline consumption rate, bio-petrol A95, 32.14% reach E5 increased 67.86%.

In Vietnam-oil company (Oil) before July gasoline consumption output 15-12-2017 E5 is 15%, 44%, gasoline is the A92 petrol A95 is 41%. After the death of gasoline A92 gasoline consumption ratio, E5 reach 55.64%, petrol A95 increased slightly up 44.36%.

Department Of Industry And Trade Of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM estimated total production of gasoline consumption from 15-12-2017 to 10-1-2018 on the Ho Chi Minh City average 109,712 m3/month. In which gasoline production about 30,022 E5 m3/month, reaching 33% of the total production of local gasoline supply, increased from 6.7% to 33% after a deployment point simultaneously sell gasoline E5 as per the roadmap of the Government.

“So, through consumer advocacy work has raised awareness for the sake of efficiency, the use of gasoline E5”-represented the Department of industry and trade said.

On the other hand, the industrial and commercial Department of HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM said according to forecasts of the business leads, agents from here to the end of the year petrol consumption E5 output increased substantially, enough to completely replace gasoline A92 mineral due to private units began trading in gasoline E5.

Currently, in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM business forces units include Petrolimex petrol accounted for about 30%, 16.6% occupied Oil Saigon Petro, accounting for about 6.5%. The output of the supply unit E5 market estimated to reach 166,000 m3/month, enough supply for 534 petrol on the Ho Chi Minh City to deploy bulk gasoline E5.

Source: plo.vn