Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation adjusted gasoline prices from 16h55, 05/10/2017

Hanoi, 05.10.2017, Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex / Group – stocks code: PLX) official adjust gasoline prices; Accordingly, the new prices are as follows:

New rates take effect from the time of 16 hours and 55 minutes October 5, 2017 until the press release (TCBC) new.

Petrolimex petrol prices due to announce at this TCBC applied in the distribution system on the territory of Vietnam Petrolimex; including: (a) The petrol stations (CHXD) Petrolimex; (b) of the traders do CHXD agents, general sales agents Petrolimex petrol and (c) of the CHXD retail franchisees under franchise form from Petrolimex.

Petrolimex petrol prices due to announce at this TCBC not apply to the distribution system CHXD of the trader’s petroleum distribution and no signs Petrolimex brand identity.

Price announced at this TCBC be publicized at the website (website), petroleum companies members Petrolimex and the LED board at the headquarters of the Group – 1 Kham Thien, Hanoi .

For port remote areas, far from terminal depots, remote oil production facilities as stipulated in Point a, Clause 1, Article 5 of the Joint Circular No. 39/2014 / TTLT BCT-BTC dated 10/29/2014 Industry and Trade of the Ministry – Finance (Petrolimex referred to as “zone 2”); General Director of Petrolimex empower the Directors of the oil company Petrolimex directly decide the actual selling price in the areas of business organization but must not exceed the price of the 2 above.

Leadership Petrolimex said: The adjustment of gasoline prices this time comes from practice price movements of petroleum products on the world market cycle in pricing, in accordance with the principle of determining the selling price in Decree 83/2014 / ND-CP of the Government dated 03.9.2014 petrol (ND 83) and the documents guiding the implementation of Decree 83 of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce – Finance.

Decision on fuel price of 542 / PLX-QD-CEO by the Deputy General Director of Petrolimex Nguyen Quang Dung signing has been sent to all member units Petrolimex and report the Government Office, the Ministry of Industry and Trade Ministry of Finance, the joint group executive gasoline prices.

Petrolimex units when issuing decisions and oil retail prices on its distribution system to send price decisions issued on the Department of Trade and province / city and reported to the Group.

According to Document No. 9278 / BCT-TTTN dated 05.10.2017 of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the petroleum business operator, the appropriation and expenditure using petrol price stabilization fund (BOG) from 55 to 16 hours as follows :