To ensure your car is always in perfect condition and safety, regular maintenance is necessary and MINH PHAT can provide best suited maintenance services for your vehicle. Coming to Minh Phat maintenance station, a team of experienced technicians will take care of your vehicles with modern technology equipment and genuine spare parts. All test procedures, vehicle maintenance is always done in accordance with regulations and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Minh Phat committed to bringing a leading care services for vehicles, and confidence, peace of mind and safety for customers.



  • Maintenance process:
    1. Reception
    2. Assign
    3. Prepare spare parts
    4. Maintenance
    5. Last checked
    6. Car wash
    7. Invoice
    8. Vehicle handing

The maintenance items:

  • Reception
  • Assign
  • Prepare spare parts
  • Maintenance
  • Last checked
  • Invoice
  • Vehicle handling