Oil prices today March 10: Continuously plunging

Date 10/03/2021

Gasoline prices today (December 8): Crude oil leveled off with the highest price of over 48 USD / barrel

Date 08/12/2020

Gasoline prices today 13/11: Decreased sharply

Date 13/11/2020

Petrol prices today 10/11: Brent oil up $42

Date 10/11/2020

After a few days of slight decrease, this afternoon gasoline prices increased

Date 11/10/2020

WTI oil fell nearly 8%, Brent oil dropped to 40 USD / barrel

Date 08/09/2020

Petrol prices today 4/9 continue to fall sharply

Date 03/09/2020

This afternoon, gasoline prices increase?

Date 26/08/2020

This afternoon, gas prices are down?

Date 11/08/2020

Oil prices rise awaiting supply data from the US

Date 05/08/2020

Petrol price Today 3/8: Brent crude oil continues to decline

Date 03/08/2020

Petrol price RON95 unchanged, gasoline RON92 slightly increased from 15h on 28/7/2020

Date 29/07/2020

Gasoline prices today (July 13) slightly reduced!

Date 13/07/2020

Petrol price Today 3/7: Crude oil decreases sharply

Date 03/07/2020

Gasoline forecast for a fourth straight increase tomorrow

Date 26/06/2020

Oil jumped more than 3% when the IEA forecasted a record increase in oil demand in 2021

Date 17/06/2020

Gasoline prices today 15/6: World oil prices fell slightly in the first session of the week

Date 15/06/2020

Oil flourishes before expected energy demand to recover

Date 10/06/2020

Gasoline price today 8/6: Oil price surged at the beginning of the week

Date 08/06/2020

Brent oil climbed 6 consecutive sessions

Date 05/06/2020

Gasoline prices today 1/6: Crude oil rose slightly

Date 01/06/2020

Petrol price Today 29/5: Domestic and world turn back up

Date 29/05/2020

A month after the bottom, oil prices rebounded

Date 25/05/2020

WTI oil continued to rise strongly thanks to output cuts and signs of improving demand

Date 20/05/2020

WTI oil jumped 9% to its highest level in nearly 6 weeks

Date 15/05/2020

Gasoline prices rose, oil prices fell

Date 14/05/2020

Gasoline prices today 11/5: America reduced production, oil back to high thresholds

Date 11/05/2020

Oil continued to decline as worries about demand returned

Date 08/05/2020

WTI oil rose more than 3% to return above 20 USD / barrel

Date 05/05/2020

WTI oil dropped nearly 25% to below 13 USD / barrel

Date 28/04/2020

WTI oil rocketed nearly 20% when stress USA-Iran escalates …

Date 24/04/2020

Reversing oil increases sharply, recovering from the bottom 21 years

Date 23/04/2020

Oil the bottom mark 18 years after dropping 20 USD / barrel

Date 31/03/2020

Oil slumps in first 4 sessions

Date 27/03/2020

Oil continues to rise thanks to the stimulus optimistic $ 2 trillion worth of US

Date 26/03/2020

Oil rally as expectations of stimulus measures from the Fed

Date 24/03/2020

Gasoline prices today 23/3: Consecutive bad news about the war Covid-19 and Russia-OPEC, unpredictable fuel

Date 23/03/2020

Oil price reversal Asia goes up in version 19/3 after 3 sessions reduced drastically

Date 20/03/2020

WTI Oil plunged more than 24% to the lowest in 18 years

Date 19/03/2020

Gasoline prices today 26/12: The more pronounced upturn

Date 18/03/2020

WTI Oil drops 30 USD/carton, lowest for 4 years

Date 17/03/2020

Brent crude fell more than 7% when Mr. Trump “forbidden” Europe in the US

Date 13/03/2020

Reversing oil nearly 4% when supply in USA increases 7 consecutive weeks

Date 12/03/2020

Oil recovered slightly

Date 11/03/2020

Oil “evaporated” almost 25%, marking the most powerful decline from 1991

Date 10/03/2020

Brent oil is down to the lowest since 2017

Date 06/03/2020

Oil reversing a decrease when OPEC + seems to have difficulty achieving an agreement to cut more output

Date 05/03/2020

Petrol price Today 4/3: OPEC reduced yield, gasoline turned increase

Date 04/03/2020

Petrol Price Today 3/3

Date 03/03/2020

Petrol price Today 2/3: Prolong discount by Covid-10

Date 02/03/2020

Petrol price Today 28/2: Fuel has been down the lowest five

Date 28/02/2020

WTI oil reduces 4 consecutive sessions to the lowest for more than 1 year

Date 27/02/2020

Petrol price Today 26/2: Strong downtrend, the OPEC waits for emergency meeting

Date 26/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 24/2

Date 24/02/2020

Oil continues to rise while supply in the US rose less than forecast

Date 21/02/2020

Soaring oil than 2% to the highest in nearly 3 months

Date 20/02/2020

Almost flat before oil production forecasts in the US shale oil decreased

Date 19/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 18/2

Date 18/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 17/2: Opening the new week in confusion, though the Chinese factories returned to buy crude oil

Date 17/02/2020

Gasoline prices today (14/2) can be significantly reduced!

Date 14/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 13/2

Date 13/02/2020

Oil flourishes when new infections slowed coronavirus

Date 12/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 11/2

Date 11/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 10/2: Sluggish new week, still waiting for signals from the coronavirus

Date 10/02/2020

Gasoline prices today 20/1

Date 20/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 16/1: Continue to reduce inventory due to US pressure increased

Date 16/01/2020

Hot: This afternoon rising gas prices?

Date 15/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 14/1: Temporary go down, last week shot up?

Date 14/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 13/1

Date 13/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 10/1: US out of the book, fuel drop

Date 10/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 9/1: Labor steeper 4% after the US announced it would punish the Iranian economy

Date 09/01/2020

Oil slumps in first 4 days Middle East as tensions eased

Date 08/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 7/1: Increase strong but wrong predictions

Date 07/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 6/1

Date 06/01/2020

Gasoline prices today 2/1: Slightly elevated 0.5% in early

Date 02/01/2020

Oil fell slightly reversed, circuit breaking four consecutive sessions

Date 31/12/2019

Giá xăng sẽ tăng trong ngày cuối cùng của năm 2019?

Date 30/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 27/12

Date 27/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/12: The more pronounced upturn

Date 26/12/2019

Oil surged Christmas eve

Date 25/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 24/12

Date 24/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 23/12: Calm at the beginning the week

Date 23/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 20/12

Date 20/12/2019

Oil extended gains into 5th consecutive session

Date 19/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 18/12

Date 18/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 17/12: Continued momentum thanks to the prospect of US – China

Date 17/12/2019

Gasoline prices can mitigate today

Date 16/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 13/12: Increase back after news the US may suspend new tax period for China

Date 13/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 12/12

Date 12/12/2019

Oil rally following news of optimistic about the US trade talks – China

Date 11/12/2019

Giá xăng dầu hôm nay 10/12

Date 10/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 9/12: Reduction from the first week after the OPEC meeting ended +

Date 09/12/2019

Mixed oil pending the decision of OPEC production

Date 06/12/2019

WTI oil reversed sharply than 4% in the US as supply declines after 5 consecutive weeks

Date 05/12/2019

WTI oil rose 2 session, while Brent oil dropped to the lowest in nearly 5 weeks

Date 04/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 3/12

Date 03/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 2/12: Increased 1.5% early last week more OPEC meeting +

Date 02/12/2019

Gasoline prices today 28/11: Turning down after two consecutive days of gains

Date 28/11/2019

Gasoline prices today 27/11

Date 27/11/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/11

Date 26/11/2019

Gasoline prices rose slightly today 25/11

Date 25/11/2019

Today’s gasoline prices suddenly go up 21/11

Date 21/11/2019

Gasoline prices today 20/11: Labor steeper than 3% due to oversupply concerns

Date 20/11/2019

Gasoline prices today surged simultaneously 14/11

Date 14/11/2019

Petrol price today 13/11 slightly increased thanks to data from the USA

Date 13/11/2019

Today’s gasoline prices tend to decrease 11/11

Date 11/11/2019

Gasoline prices fell sharply today 7/11

Date 07/11/2019

Gasoline prices today 4/11: mixed from Monday

Date 04/11/2019

Gasoline prices today 1/11: A fall still not over because the Chinese economy is not optimistic

Date 01/11/2019

Gasoline prices fell sharply today 31/10

Date 31/10/2019

Gasoline prices fell sharply today 29/10

Date 29/10/2019

Petrol price today 28/10 steady increase

Date 28/10/2019

Petrol price Today 24/10 maintains momentum

Date 24/10/2019

Gasoline prices dropped sharply today 17/10

Date 17/10/2019

Gasoline prices fell sharply today 15/10

Date 15/10/2019

11/10 petrol prices today surged nearly 2 unison USD / barrel

Date 11/10/2019

Petrol price today 9/10 decline because of U.S.-central trade risk concerns

Date 09/10/2019

Petrol price Today 8/10 rising back

Date 08/10/2019

Petrol price Today 7/10 turn heads off

Date 07/10/2019

Petrol price Today 4/10 extra pressure off

Date 04/10/2019

Petrol price today 3/10 strong decline

Date 03/10/2019

Gasoline prices rise sharply near 1,000 in bronze after 4 discounts

Date 02/10/2019

Gasoline prices today 1/10: Reduce by 3% due to stronger mining production of Saudi Arabia has restored

Date 01/10/2019

Gasoline prices will increase more than 1,000 dong/liter tomorrow?

Date 30/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/9: Pressure prices rise

Date 26/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 24/9: Dramatically reduce injuries by war

Date 24/09/2019

Gasoline prices today surged the momentum 23/9

Date 23/09/2019

Today’s gasoline prices gained sharply 20/9

Date 20/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 18/9: Workers slope 5% after news of Saudi Arabia supplies early recovery

Date 18/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 16/9: Increase terrible to 7 USD / barrel

Date 16/09/2019

Today’s gasoline prices retreated sharply 13/9

Date 13/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 12/9: Reducing than 2% after news the US can re-negotiations with Iran

Date 12/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 11/9: 63 USD Brent threshold monitoring / barrel

Date 11/09/2019

Today’s gasoline prices gained sharply 10/9 to 1 USD / barrel

Date 10/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 9/9: Brent up 62 USD threshold monitoring / barrel

Date 09/09/2019

Gasoline prices continue today 6/9 strong trend

Date 06/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 5/9: Surprise surged 4%

Date 05/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 4/9: Surprise plummeted 3% due to the economic growth is not as expected

Date 04/09/2019

Gasoline prices today 3/9: Continue to decline by 15% US duty orders imposed on China started effect

Date 03/09/2019

Gasoline prices remained higher Tuesday 29/8, Brent oil exceeded 60 USD

Date 29/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/8: Reducing than 1% at the beginning the week by trade tensions

Date 26/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 22/8: mixed as US crude inventories fell

Date 22/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 21/8: Continued momentum thanks to trade tensions eased

Date 21/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 19/8: Small increase by nearly 1% on Monday

Date 19/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 14/8: Increased 4% thanks to stronger trade tensions cooled

Date 14/08/2019

Gasoline prices rose slightly today 13/8

Date 13/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 12/8: Reduction in Monday

Date 12/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 9/8: Surprise rebounded thanks to reduced supply signal

Date 09/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 8/8: 4.7% plunge in US crude inventories due to increased

Date 08/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 7/8: Continue down nearly 2% as trade tensions escalate

Date 07/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 6/8: ‘evaporation’ of 3% due to concerns over trade war

Date 06/08/2019

Gasoline prices today 5/8: mixed outset week

Date 05/08/2019

Gasoline prices fell more than 300 / liter from pm on 1/8

Date 02/08/2019

US crude oil stocks fell incessantly, rising oil prices

Date 01/08/2019

Gasoline prices today continued its strong rise 31/7

Date 31/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/7: Up slightly despite Western economic data weak

Date 26/07/2019

Gasoline prices today (24/7): Continuing to rise more than 1% as the market predicted US crude oil supplies fell

Date 24/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 23/7: Increased 1% on concerns over supply interruptions

Date 23/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 22/7: Increased 1% for WTI oil at the beginning the week

Date 22/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 19/7: Reduce by 3% due to strong crude production rebounded Gulf

Date 19/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 16/7: Reducing than 1% due to China’s economic growth slowed

Date 16/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 12/7: Mitigation by OPEC predicted oil demand will fall in 2020

Date 12/07/2019

Gasoline prices rose in unison today 11/7 than 2 USD / barrel

Date 11/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 8/7: Up slightly from the beginning of the week after declining for two consecutive weeks

Date 08/07/2019

Gasoline prices today 28/6: mixed before adding the G20 meeting

Date 28/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 27/6: Increased 3% thanks to strong US crude inventories fell

Date 27/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/6: Continue inched slightly after forecast US crude inventories fell

Date 26/06/2019

Gasoline prices dropped today 25/6 slightly

Date 25/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 24/6: Up slightly from the outset in the context of the upcoming OPEC meeting

Date 24/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 21/6: Sharp increase more than 5% after the Iran attack unmanned aircraft of the US

Date 21/06/2019

Crude oil exports to China surged

Date 20/06/2019

Gasoline prices fell sharply this afternoon 17/6?

Date 17/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 14/6: Turning rose sharply after the attack near the Iranian crude oil tankers

Date 14/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 13/6: Reduce by 4% due to strong US crude inventories rose sharply

Date 13/06/2019

Oil prices decline as supply soared deep

Date 12/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 11/6: Continue down more than 1.5% due to tighter supply outlook remains unclear

Date 11/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 10/5: Recovering slightly from the start week

Date 10/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 7/6: Turning increase drainage bottom 5 months

Date 07/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 6/6: Surprise plummeted 3% due to increase in crude oil inventories

Date 06/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 4/6: A fall is not an end, a bottom 4 months

Date 04/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 3/6: Continued decline from last week on concern unrest trade

Date 03/06/2019

Gasoline prices today 29/5: mixed due to market fears tense US – China

Date 29/05/2019

Oil prices today 28.5: Many factors support, gasoline continues to rise

Date 28/05/2019

Gas prices will continue to fall?

Date 27/05/2019

Oil prices today 24.5: Oil prices stabilized after falling sharply earlier in the week

Date 24/05/2019

Oil prices today 23.5: Oil prices fell by US crude oil stocks rose sharply

Date 23/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 22/5: mixed amid geopolitical tensions still not settled

Date 22/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 21/5: Touch signal peak weeks thanks to OPEC production continued to decline sources

Date 21/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 20/5: Rising dramatically at the beginning the week

Date 20/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 17/5: Continue up more than 1% after the retaliation of Saudi Arabia, domestic gas prices may fall today

Date 17/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 16/5: Continued momentum tension in the Middle East

Date 16/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 15/5: Sharp increase after the attack of Saudi Arabian oil pumping station

Date 15/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 13/5: Mitigation outset week

Date 13/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 10/5: Continued pressure by tense US – China

Date 10/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 9/5: Recovering back by inventories fell

Date 09/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 8/5: Touch the bottom than a month due to strained US – China

Date 08/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 7/5: Recovering slightly after a plunge Tuesday

Date 07/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 3/5: Surprise ‘plunge’ 4% due to supply increases

Date 03/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 2/5: Global markets retreated, domestic capabilities increase

Date 02/05/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/4: Turning down after several consecutive days of gains

Date 26/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 24/4: Continuing to rise more than 1% after the decision tightened sanctions against Iran by Mr. Trump

Date 24/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 23/4: Continuing strong, setting a new record in 2019

Date 23/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 22/4: mixed outset week

Date 22/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 19/4: increase slightly thanks to supplies from the US to be tightened

Date 19/04/2019

Petrolimex petrol price increase from 15 hours 00 Date 4/17/2019

Date 18/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 17/4: increase slightly due to unrest in Libya

Date 17/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 16/4: Further reduction proposed by Russia to increase production

Date 16/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 12/4: Go head slumped over 1%, after hitting a peak of 5 months

Date 12/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 11/4: increase strongly again despite rising crude stockpiles

Date 11/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 10/4: Turning down by signs Russia may increase production

Date 10/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 9/4: Continuing to rise, peaking 5 months

Date 09/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 8/4: Up slightly on Monday

Date 08/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 5/4: First touch USD 70 / barrel within 5 months

Date 05/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 4/4: Turning down sharply after two consecutive days of gains

Date 04/04/2019

Petrolimex petrol price increase from 17 hours 00 days 02.4.2019

Date 03/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 2/4: Increased 2% thanks to stronger world economic outlook positive

Date 02/04/2019

Gasoline prices today 1/4: Continued rise in the first day of the second quarter

Date 01/04/2019

Gasoline prices today (29/3): pass after a fluctuating session as strong

Date 29/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/3: happenings mixed due to concerns the global economy stagnated

Date 26/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 25/3: Turning down early in the week

Date 25/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 21/3: standstill

Date 21/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 20/3: Trading quiet

Date 20/03/2019

Petrolimex unchanged as the current gasoline prices from 00 days to 20 hours 18.03.2019

Date 19/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 18/3: price momentum continues

Date 18/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 15/3: Repeatedly slowed

Date 15/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 14/3: Growth slows

Date 14/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 13/3: Growth slowing

Date 13/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 12/3: Continue to climb

Date 12/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 11/3: Up slightly from Monday

Date 11/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 8/3: Slightly elevated thanks to optimistic market supply will be tight

Date 08/03/2019

Gasoline prices today (7/3): Powered by mixed US crude inventories rise

Date 07/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 6/3: ‘calm’ before mixed signals about the supply – demand

Date 06/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 4/3: mixed outset week

Date 04/03/2019

Gasoline prices today 28/2: Restores 2% thanks to strong US inventories unexpectedly fell

Date 28/02/2019

Gasoline prices today 27/2: Ongoing decline

Date 27/02/2019

Gasoline prices today 26/2: Workers steeper 3% by the president criticized Trump oil prices too high

Date 26/02/2019

Petroleum imports fell sharply

Date 25/02/2019

The Finance Ministry proposed reduction of crude oil imports to 0%

Date 21/02/2019

A95 gasoline prices, E5 will increase by reversing owl in the world?

Date 19/02/2019

Gasoline prices today 18/2: Copper gained on Monday

Date 18/02/2019

Today 15/2: Petroleum in the first round of price increases in 2019

Date 15/02/2019

HCMC: Find solution planning filling stations in the inner city

Date 13/02/2019

Today’s gas prices will not fluctuate 31/1!

Date 31/01/2019

Oil depletion: Case of Vietnam alarm

Date 23/01/2019

Gasoline prices today 21/1: international prices rise slightly

Date 21/01/2019

Not increased fuel prices

Date 17/01/2019

15/1 day, gasoline prices will increase?

Date 15/01/2019

Rising world oil prices more than 2 USD / barrel day 9/1

Date 10/01/2019

Petrol prices and electricity prices in 2019 will be “holding hands,” the increase?

Date 04/01/2019

Why adjust petrol prices at midnight?

Date 02/01/2019

Largest oil refinery Vietnam official commercial operation

Date 24/12/2018

Gasoline price forecast this afternoon (21/12): The good news late

Date 21/12/2018

Oil prices down more than 1 year bottom

Date 20/12/2018

Gasoline: gasoline tax burden tax emissions research

Date 18/12/2018

Gasoline fell, data was able to “sigh” with inflation?

Date 12/12/2018

Gasoline price shock to VND1,500 / liter to its lowest level in years

Date 07/12/2018

Gas prices may continue to fall

Date 06/12/2018

Oil prices rose nearly 4% to nearly 53 USD / barrel

Date 04/12/2018

Thanks to adjust petroleum prices, CPI 11/2018 fell slightly from the previous month

Date 29/11/2018

Oil price of $ 50 / barrel to impact how the world economy?

Date 28/11/2018

World oil prices go down

Date 23/11/2018

Gasoline prices fell by more than VND1,000 / liter

Date 22/11/2018

Hot: This afternoon, gasoline prices continue to plummet?

Date 21/11/2018

Abolish many regulations relating to petroleum trading

Date 13/11/2018

Petrol prices are too low to destabilize Vietnam market?

Date 08/11/2018

Most of the third quarter, the Fund balance to stabilize gasoline prices still 3,039.169 billion

Date 06/11/2018

Stabilization fund “research” fuel prices just over 1,787 billion

Date 25/10/2018

BOG Petroleum Fund contributes to stabilize market

Date 24/10/2018

Gas prices rising more than 200/l after the continuous price rise

Date 23/10/2018

Reductions, the price of oil down below the 80USD barrel

Date 18/10/2018

Kazakhstan will supply enough gasoline from the year 2019

Date 17/10/2018

Pressure from energy prices

Date 16/10/2018

Petroleum import from Malaysia increased by more than 36%

Date 15/10/2018

Collect taxes from imported crude oil spike near 270% in 9 months

Date 12/10/2018

The continuous price increases, more expensive petrol 2,200 bronze, overtaking the top 22 thousand/liter

Date 09/10/2018

Petrolimex to increase gasoline prices from 15 hours on 06.10.2018

Date 08/10/2018

Petrol price may increase 400-500 / liter

Date 05/10/2018

Tax increases for environmental protection: Be less take?

Date 03/10/2018

Nghi Son oil refinery is allowed to export petroleum in test phase

Date 27/09/2018

6 months of the year, about 1.78 million m3 consumed E5 petrol RON92

Date 26/09/2018

Tax increases for gasoline on the environment ceiling VND4,000 / liter from 01/01/2019

Date 21/09/2018

Proposed tax refund to E5: Lo budget burden

Date 20/09/2018

Honda Activa free gifts when buying 100,000 liters of fuel

Date 17/09/2018

Gasoline prices today 12/9: the highest in recent 2 weeks

Date 12/09/2018

Gasoline prices today 10/9: First week with many mixed

Date 10/09/2018

Petrol price increase from pm on 6/9

Date 07/09/2018

Today, 6/9 entered the States increased dramatically

Date 06/09/2018

Petrol price increase, no 2, the Fund balance of more than 3,800 billion stabilization

Date 05/09/2018

Gasoline taxes 8,000/l: the latest decision from the Ministry of finance

Date 04/09/2018

Don’t raise taxes to protect the environment with gasoline to run out in 2019

Date 31/08/2018

87 petrol approved investment undertakings

Date 30/08/2018

Gasoline prices today 29/8: towards key levels, widely admired towering

Date 29/08/2018

Limited supply, oil prices increase

Date 28/08/2018

Adjusted gasoline prices this afternoon 22/8

Date 23/08/2018

Petroleum supply markets for Vietnam early November 2018

Date 18/08/2018

Petrolimex adjusted gasoline prices from 15 hours on 07.8.2018

Date 08/08/2018

You said so much, but because of the new V-E5 really pioneers

Date 10/07/2018

Oil prices rise before OPEC conference shelf

Date 19/06/2018

PVOIL – strong brand of gasoline retail industry

Date 18/06/2018

Gasoline prices today 13/6: Market mellow, gasoline soared

Date 13/06/2018

Doanh số mua dầu của Trung Quốc từ Mỹ tăng gấp đôi

Date 07/06/2018

Successfully produced EURO 4 fuel standards

Date 06/06/2018

TG 4/6 days TT oil: Crude oil fell for the third consecutive day

Date 04/06/2018

Production increased oil prices fell

Date 01/06/2018

TG oil TT Day 31/5: Price reduced by US crude stocks unexpectedly rose

Date 31/05/2018

Petrol price stabilization fund balance of more than 4.5 trillion

Date 29/05/2018

Would have unified regulation of petrol stations

Date 23/05/2018

Ai đã đồng ý tăng kịch trần thuế môi trường với xăng dầu?

Date 21/05/2018

Increased environmental taxes with petrol: Walk cautiously

Date 18/05/2018

The story escalated the price of gasoline and the reaction of the community network

Date 17/05/2018

Ministry of Finance increased tax bracket dramatic environmental protection petrol

Date 16/05/2018

‘ Death ‘ of petrol A95, gasoline markets will exclusively

Date 10/05/2018

Gasoline prices increased by 92 RON E5 508/l copper 19,440, up

Date 09/05/2018

Why consumers still fret about the quality of gasoline E5?

Date 08/05/2018

The proposal cleared RON 95: E100 ethanol Price “exclusive” in the country more expensive imported

Date 07/05/2018

A95 cleared to sell only gasoline Biofuels: Be very careful

Date 04/05/2018

Gas prices keep rising, the price of oil

Date 24/04/2018

Oil prices rose 2 consecutive weeks

Date 23/04/2018

World oil prices up “peak” since the end of 2014

Date 20/04/2018

IMF predicts oil prices will fall below 60 USD

Date 19/04/2018

Hanoi strengthen inspection and control of oil trading activities, transport services

Date 18/04/2018

Construction of petrol stations need what conditions?

Date 17/04/2018

Experts propose to shorten the time period to adjust gasoline prices

Date 16/04/2018

Assign new tax calculation formula for gas prices

Date 13/04/2018

Oil prices today (12/4) peak 3 years due to tensions in Syria increasingly ‘hot’ up

Date 12/04/2018

Gasoline prices gained to “shock”

Date 09/04/2018

Spent more than $ 2.1 billion of assorted petroleum imports in the first 3 months

Date 06/04/2018

Gasoline prices today 5/4: The strongest decline in week

Date 05/04/2018

Forecast world crude oil market in Q2 / 2018

Date 05/04/2018

Finance Ministry: Increase gasoline tax environment within the “frame allows”!

Date 05/04/2018

Energy prices on the world market day 04/04/2018

Date 04/04/2018

Retrieve electronic invoices favorable Petrolimex within hours of deployment

Date 02/04/2018

RON92 petrol has proposed to return to the market: MOIT say?

Date 30/03/2018

Per month more than 1 million tons of oil was imported to Vietnam

Date 27/03/2018

Why are there not selling gasoline E5?

Date 26/03/2018

Gasoline prices have dropped by CPTPP?

Date 23/03/2018

Tomorrow, gasoline prices will continue unchanged?

Date 22/03/2018

The majority of users Nghe An – Ha Tinh choose biofuel E5

Date 21/03/2018

Giải pháp nào cho xăng E5?

Date 20/03/2018

Gasoline prices today 19/3: New Week flourishes

Date 19/03/2018

Vietnam is the most petroleum imports from Malaysia

Date 16/03/2018

‘Back A92 is used unreasonable and hasty’

Date 15/03/2018

Asian oil prices fell due to forecasts of US oil output increase

Date 13/03/2018

Saigon Petro recommendations for using A92 back

Date 12/03/2018

Refineries 9 billion of Vietnam was ready to run from the date of 28/2

Date 28/02/2018

Gasoline prices today 26/2: Provides continuous decline, excessive fuel prices

Date 26/02/2018

Vietnam petroleum group rising gasoline prices from 15:00 on 21.02.2018

Date 24/02/2018

Gasoline prices remain stable

Date 05/02/2018

Brent oil prices fell slightly due to mining production in North America increased

Date 30/01/2018

Gasoline prices today 24/1: economic growth pushed up crude oil prices

Date 24/01/2018

While increasing environmental protection tax – gasoline prices “hanging”

Date 22/01/2018

Vietnam petroleum group to increase gasoline prices from 15:00 on 19.01.2018

Date 20/01/2018

Output of petroleum business of Thanh Hoa PVOIL 120,000 m3

Date 18/01/2018

Repeal some of the conditions for oil traders

Date 17/01/2018

Ethanol prices for monopoly, threatened E5?

Date 16/01/2018

E5 petrol consumption in city rise

Date 15/01/2018

E5 gasoline consumption in HCMC rise

Date 15/01/2018

A95 gasoline prices will all be floating in the quarter 1/2018

Date 15/01/2018

Businesses saying about E5 gasoline supplies?

Date 10/01/2018

Need announced base price RON95 petrol

Date 08/01/2018

Petroleum market stability after conversion E5

Date 05/01/2018

From 1/1/2018, Petrolimex will issue electronic bills instead of paper invoices

Date 02/01/2018

Competition on the market of gasoline the hot more

Date 19/12/2017

Oil drops to the third week in a row

Date 18/12/2017

There are 3 benefits of using bio-gasoline E5

Date 12/12/2017

Gasoline prices rose remains the only oil

Date 06/12/2017

Prices rose on speculation that US crude stockpiles fell

Date 05/12/2017

Business-ready biological E5 RON92 petrol mass from 15/12

Date 30/11/2017

Business selling mass earlier E5 roadmap

Date 29/11/2017

World oil prices breakout weekend

Date 27/11/2017

Asian oil prices go up

Date 22/11/2017

Vietnam petroleum group to increase gasoline prices from 15:00 on 20.11.2017

Date 21/11/2017

Gasoline prices are forecast to rise today

Date 20/11/2017

Oil market forecast months 11/2017

Date 20/11/2017

Crude oil prices fell after OPEC forecast

Date 08/11/2017

Gasoline price 4/11: Do not reduce gas prices continue to rise dramatically

Date 06/11/2017

Petrol prices will increase tomorrow

Date 04/11/2017

October crude oil output of Vietnam rising 5.1% compared with the same period last year

Date 31/10/2017

Businesses selling fake A92 in Nghe An grievances

Date 26/10/2017

Gas plant to Japan, Japanese quality?

Date 25/10/2017

Gasoline prices today 24/10: Reserve shock, oil prices skyrocketing

Date 24/10/2017

To gasoline E5 not be spurned

Date 23/10/2017

OPEC inclined to extend the agreement to cut oil production by 9 months

Date 20/10/2017

Gasoline prices are forecast to drop ‘negligible’ tomorrow

Date 20/10/2017

Oil price forecast of $ 60 / barrel or higher in 2019

Date 19/10/2017

World commodity next week 14/10: Oil prices surged and gold

Date 16/10/2017

IEA: Oil prices will hit the ceiling level in 2018

Date 14/10/2017

Petrol in new play

Date 13/10/2017

The Japanese bowed greeting shoppers, petrol Vietnam market are about “Makeover”?

Date 12/10/2017

Opened the first gas station in Vietnam, the Japanese giants fever …

Date 12/10/2017

World oil prices continue to rise

Date 11/10/2017

Launched the Vietnam Petroleum Club

Date 11/10/2017

USA: Oil ports, oil refineries and manufacturers planning to reopen after the Nate storm

Date 10/10/2017

Petrol terminal project in Long Binh Tan will enhance the competitiveness of Petrolimex Dong Nai

Date 10/10/2017

Russia brought about trillion ruble thanks to cutting down the amount of oil

Date 09/10/2017

E5 cheaper and more advantages than A92

Date 09/10/2017

Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation adjusted gasoline prices from 16h55, 05/10/2017

Date 06/10/2017

Domestic petrol may continue to rise in accordance with the world trend

Date 06/10/2017

3 gulf countries is United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Oman have simultaneously increased the price of gasoline and diesel.

Date 05/10/2017

World oil prices falling to third session in a row

Date 05/10/2017

The establishment of Petrolimex Petroleum Service Corporation

Date 04/10/2017

Oil prices have first increased quarter of the year

Date 02/10/2017

US shale oil, ending OPEC treaty could reduce oil price in 2018

Date 28/09/2017

Petroleum market forecast in 09/2017

Date 28/09/2017

President of Turkey threatens to cut off oil exports flow of Kurds

Date 26/09/2017

How the supply of petroleum to consumers in Vietnam 2018 will be like?

Date 19/09/2017

Petrolimex replaced RON 92 by E5 in 2018

Date 19/09/2017

E5 replaces Ron 92: Need to ensure supply

Date 19/09/2017

Canadian oil production reaches 5 million barrels / day in 2018 due to the growth cycle is about to end

Date 15/09/2017

Why the demand for oil will peak, as opposed to oil supplies peaked?

Date 01/09/2017

Crude oil prices went down, U.S. gasoline prices rise sharply

Date 01/09/2017

Arduous struggle against petrol smuggling across the sea

Date 01/09/2017

Quality control of petroleum

Date 01/09/2017

Oil at $ 50 / bbl – Prices are not sustainable in the next 2.3 years

Date 01/09/2017

The next oil cycle will stronger impact

Date 01/09/2017

Nghi Son petrochemical refinery ready for the first commercial products

Date 01/09/2017

Series of large oil refinery in the US closed because of Harvey storm

Date 01/09/2017

Ministry of finance reported balance of petrol price stabilization fund to nearly 4,000 billion

Date 01/09/2017

Save the “death route” of A92 gasoline

Date 01/09/2017

Vietnam’s petroleum pipeline is the longest in the world

Date 01/09/2017

Harvey storm was a disaster for OPEC

Date 31/08/2017