Petrol price RON95 unchanged, gasoline RON92 slightly increased from 15h on 28/7/2020

In order to support the production, business and consumption of people and businesses in the context of the domestic epidemic of Covid-19, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Finance decided to continue to spend BOG on with gasoline, kerosene and oil to maintain the retail price for RON95 gasoline, a slight increase for E5RON92 gasoline and oil products.

Making provision for BOG Fund as in the previous period, specifically: E5RON92 gasoline at VND 100 / liter, RON95 gasoline at VND 200 / liter, diesel at VND 500 / liter, kerosene at VND 300 / liter. and mazut oil set aside at VND 300 / kg. To comply with regulations, guidelines and instructions of the National Assembly and the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance decide:

Expenditure for use of petrol price stabilization fund oil: using BOG Fund for E5RON92 petrol at 900 dong / liter (previous period spent 961 dong / liter), RON95 gasoline at 479 dong / liter (previous period was 526 dong / liter), and kerosene at VND 100 / liter (previous period VND 88 / liter), Mazut oil at VND 100 / kg (the previous period VND 254 / kg); diesel oil at 0 VND / liter, stop using (previous period 167 VND / liter).

After making deductions for setting up and spending the use of the petrol price stabilization fund in Section 1 above, the selling price of RON95 petrol remains unchanged compared to the previous period, the price of E5RON92 petrol and other common consumer oil products on the market. Market is slightly up from current price.

Thus, the price of popular petroleum products on the market is not higher than the price:

– E5RON92 gasoline: not higher than VND 14,409 / liter;

– Gasoline RON95-III: not higher than VND 14,973 / liter;

– Diesel oil 0.05S: not higher than VND 12,397 / liter;

– Kerosene: not higher than VND 10,279 / liter;

– Mazut oil 180CST 3.5S: not higher than 11,183 VND / kg.

The time for setting up and spending of the petrol price stabilization fund and adjusting the selling prices of petrol and oil are applicable from 15:00 on July 28, 2020.


Nhat Quang