Gasoline prices today (14/2) can be significantly reduced!

With gas prices on the Singapore market finished sharply 8-9% over the operating period of 30/1 days, gasoline prices today (14/2) is forecast to decrease to 1,000 may / liter.

Cyclical operating cost, today (14/2), the Union of Industry and Trade – Finance will announce the base price for gasoline for the operating period from the date of 14/2.

The data of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the operating period from 30/1, the gas prices in the Singapore market with Petrol 92 is USD 63/barrel and 95 RON petrol is USD 63 per barrel, down from 8-9% compared to previous operating period.

Meanwhile, as noted by the Petrotimes, in the operating period from 30/1, the world crude oil price has fallen sharply.

With such performance as above, exchanging with the press, led a business enterprise petrol clue in Ho Chi Minh for that, if the regulatory body has no adjustment in the excerpt, using the fund stabilizing the petrol price, the price of petrol tomorrow can be reduced from 800 – 1,000 dong/Liter.

However, if the regulatory body has just used the fund to stabilize and reduce the price, the gas prices may be reduced by 500 – 600 dong/liter.

The base price of the specific petroleum items is as follows: Gasoline E5 RON 92 no higher than 19,845 copper/liter; RON 95-III is not higher than 20,913 copper/liter; Diesel 0.05 S no higher than 16,548 copper/liter; Kerosene is not higher than 15,535 dong/liter; Mazut Oil 180 CST 3.5 S not higher than 11,709 copper/kg.

In the operating period petrol price on 30/1, to ensure the price of petroleum petrol in water reflects the price trend of petroleum world, in accordance with the socio-economic situation, flexible use of the oil Stabilization Fund, serving consumers of the people in the context of the approaching Lunar New Year when the price of some essential items tends to rise, help people can consume reasonable, steady market, the financial Union-the trade decided to keep the same level of extract with the gasoline E5 RON 92 , the diesel is at 200 per liter, kerosene at 150 dong/liter (previous amount of funds stabilized gasoline for petrol items E5 RON 92, kerosene, diesel at 150 per liter).

At the same time, we continue to maintain the difference between biofuel and gasoline to encourage the consumption of biological fuels to protect the environment.

In particular, to extract the oil Stabilization Stability Fund for petrol E5 RON 92, diesel, kerosene at 100 dong/Liter, the level of gasoline RON 95 is 400 dong/liter, Mazut Oil extract Level 0 dong/kg. The genus uses the oil stabilization Fund for petrol E5 RON 92, diesel Level 200 copper, kerosene 150 levels/liter (pre-limb E5 RON 92 level 150 dong/Liter).

After implementation of the Stabilization Fund, the price of petroleum products mitigated, in which petrol E5 RON 92 reduced 36 dong/liter, gasoline 95 reduce 778 dong/liter, diesel off 43 dong/liter, kerosene reduced 50 copper/liter, mazut oil increased 789 copper/kg.

Minh Ngoc