Gasoline prices today 15/6: World oil prices fell slightly in the first session of the week

Petroleum prices Update today 15/6, domestic gasoline market increased by nearly 1,000 dong/liter after the price adjustment on 12/6, meanwhile the world oil prices mitigated the first week session.

World oil prices 15/6:

Opening the day trading session 15/6, gasoline prices today on the world market fell slightly after the rise in yesterday’s session.

Specifically, the light sweet crude oil price WTI on the New York Mercantile Exchanghe delivery 7/2020 45 cent/lb, down the level 36.26 USD/carton.

Meanwhile, the price of Brent oil delivered 8/2020 month also reduced 45 cents/lb, to USD 38.73 per barrel.

World oil prices reversing the slight decline in today’s session, the reason given is that the investment stops the trading activities due to information about OPEC + will meeting abnormalities.

Iraq had agreed to cut crude oil yield in June 6 at major oil and gas companies running its southern giant oilfields, as noted by Reuters.

Iraq had also agreed with the Russian Lukoil Energy Corporation and began cutting additional 50,000 barrels per day from 13 June to reduce output from West Qurna area 2 to about 275,000 barrels per day.

Lukoil has cut output of 70,000 barrels per day for 5 months to meet the requirements of the Iraqi Ministry of Petroleum. Earlier, the output from West Qurna 2 was about 395,000 barrels per day in April, the managers said.

Iraqi petroleum managers said the Basra oil company of the state has asked BP to cut output from Rumaila oilfield for about 140,000 barrels per day on total yield, ranging in range from 1.4 million barrels to 1.45 million barrels per day.

Petrol price Domestic in 15/6:

Opening the trade this morning on 15/6, petrol price in the country increased after the Union of industrial Trade – finance adjusted the simultaneous increase of gas prices and the type of oil prices on 12/6.

Accordingly, after the implementation of the establishment and the expense of use of the oil and gas price stabilization, adjust the selling prices of common petroleum products in the market as follows:

Gasoline E5RON92: Increase 988 dong/liter, not higher than 13,390 copper/liter;

RON95-III gasoline: Increase 955 dong/liter, not higher than 14,080 copper/liter;

Diesel oil 0.05 S: Increase 766 dong/liter, not higher than 11,515 copper/liter;

Kerosene: Increase 835 dong/liter, not higher than 9,610 copper/liter;

Mazut 180CST 3.5 S Oil: Increased 830 VND/kg, not higher than 10,322 VND/kg.

In particular, the prices of petroleum products popular in Region 1 and Zone 2 in today 15/6 are as follows:

Petrol price A95 fluctuates between 14,080 – 14,460 dong/Liter.

Gasoline prices E5 at 13,390 – 13,650 dong/Liter.

Oil prices are reached at 11,510 – 12,040 dong/Liter.

Kerosene cost 9,610 – 9,800 dong/liter.

Mazut oil is between 10,320 – 10,730


Nguyet Ha