Oil prices today March 10: Continuously plunging

On the international market, WTI oil price fell 0.12% to $ 63.92 / barrel at 7:20 am (Vietnam time) on March 10. While the price of Brent crude oil delivered in May increased 0.19% to $ 67.31 / barrel.

Concerns about supply disruptions in Saudi Arabia have faded away. However, the slowdown in the dollar’s uptrend and tighter supply outlook thanks to OPEC + has curbed the decline.

US crude inventories rose 12.8 million barrels in the week to March 5, more than experts previously forecast in a Reuters poll of 816,000 barrels.

Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures, said this increase in inventories looked like refineries were still closed.

Official figures from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) are scheduled to be released on Wednesday (March 10).

Giá dầu thô tiếp tục lao dốc

On the Vietnamese market, on March 10, the gasoline price in the market is not higher than the price:

E5 RON 92 gasoline is not higher than 17,031 VND / liter,

RON 95-III gasoline is not higher than 18,084 VND / liter,

Diesel 0.05S is not higher than 13,843 VND / liter,

Kerosene is not higher than 12,610 VND / liter,

Fuel oil 180CST 3.5S is not higher than 13,127 VND / kg.


Thu Trang (Dan Viet)