Gasoline forecast for a fourth straight increase tomorrow

According to the trend of world prices, domestic petrol prices are expected to rise during the adjustment period of 27/6/2020 days. Experts predicted gasoline E5 RON 92 will be at approximately 14,000 dong/liter.
Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade showed that the average price of finished products on the Singapore market updated to 24/6 on a significant increase compared to the term of price of 12/6. Accordingly, the price of RON 92 for petrol dispensing E5 RON 92 average 45.18 USD/carton, 95 RON is 47.70 USD/carton, which increases 14% and 12% from the previous period. The average oil price fluctuin sharply, kerosene has dated to USD 44.36 per barrel, the highest since mid-3 months.
Experts forecast, domestic gas prices will increase according to the trend of the world gasoline market during the period of adjustment tomorrow (27/6). At the same time, the regulatory body reduces the cost of petrol and stabilizes oil to avoid increasing gas prices.
Most likely, the price of petrol E5 RON 92 increased 650-850 dong/liter, while gasoline 95 increased 700-900 dong/liter. Thus, petrol E5 RON 92 will be at approximately 14,000 copper/liter. If this is the forecast, this will be the 4th consecutive increase of petrol price.
At the closest adjustment period (12/6), Petrol E5 RON 92 increased 988 copper/liter; RON 95 increases 955 copper/liter; 0.05 S diesel oil rises 766 copper/liter; Kerosene increased 853 dong/liter; Mazut 180CST 3.5 S Oil: Increased 830 VND/kg.
The most popular items on the market are not higher than the price: Petrol E5 RON 92: Not higher than 13,390 copper/liter; Gasoline RON95 no higher than 14,080 dong/liter; Diesel 0.05 S no higher than 11,515 copper/liter; Kerosene is not higher than 9,610 dong/liter; Mazut 180CST 3.5 S Oil: No higher than 10,322 VND/kg.
Van Thanh