Petrol terminal project in Long Binh Tan will enhance the competitiveness of Petrolimex Dong Nai

If port warehouse construction projects in Long Binh Tan approved soon will help businesses reduce capital cost, enhance competitiveness. 

Bien Hoa petrol depots was in relocation of Petrolimex Dong Nai. Photo: Nguyen / Bnews / VNA

Projects petrol terminal in Long Binh Tan (Dong Nai) with a capacity of 30,000 m3 and bridge system receiving seagoing vessels of 6,000 DWT, when put into operation not only helps businesses to enhance competitiveness, but also reduce the load pressure traffic on arterial roads in Ho Chi Minh city – Bien Hoa (Dong Nai).

Although the terminal project was launched in 2011, but has yet to be implemented by the end of 2015, Bien Hoa city is recognized as the Urban Class I should every project oil terminal must return planning and waiting for the Government approval (provincial People’s Committee has now approved projects).

According to Director Pham Van Nam Dong Nai Petrolimex, the Company must receive oil source via depot Nha (Ho Chi Minh City) makes transport costs “team up” about 130 copper / liter. In addition, the transit time from the depot gasoline Nha Petrolimex about 2 warehouses in Dong Nai port takes longer by the density of traffic on this route very large.

Currently, the supply of gasoline for consumers in South-Eastern area just a trip / day instead of 2 flights / day if a new investment project in Long Binh Tan storage terminal in operation.

Mr. Male adds, operations petroleum Petrolimex Dong Nai is competing fiercely with the petroleum business of unknown origin on the market due to the price gap between imported petroleum derived and petrol smuggled oil floating up to 2000-3000 / liter.

Together, Bien Hoa petroleum depots of the company is in a state of “stalking ‘pending relocation request of Dong Nai province makes your business more difficulty in petroleum operations.

Therefore, if the project to build storage terminal in Long Binh Tan soon approved will help businesses reduce the cost of capital, improving competitiveness due to be transported directly source fuel from Dung Quat, Nghi Son, Van Phong East deer and not through entrepot Nha. /.