The proposal cleared RON 95: E100 ethanol Price “exclusive” in the country more expensive imported

Before the exclusive gasoline fuel anxieties, President of the Association for that: no matter the E100 exclusive petroleum companies have the right to import the E100, earlier this year had 3 imports of Vietnam import prices also more competitive items

During the meeting at the Ministry of industry and Commerce recently about bio-gasoline E5 deployment, Mr. Tran Minh Ha, Deputy Director of the Saigon Petro poses the problem should soon implement bio-gasoline sales E5RON95 business only and 2 types of gasoline nationwide was E5RON92 and E5RON95.

Đề xuất xoá sổ xăng RON 95: Giá cồn E100 "độc quyền" trong nước đắt hơn nhập ngoại - 1

Before that, SaigonPetro is the unit had written to please sell gasoline A92 and want to remove gasoline E5.

In domestic markets, the only supplier of ethanol E100 is Joanna co., Ltd. Due to the price increase in cassava, Joanna company had to increase the price of E100. This is also a major concern of traders clues petrol is referred to at the meeting.

In this regard, Mr. Yu Jian, General Manager of Joanna Ltd, said, in 10 months (from May 6/2017 to 15/4/2018), the price of cassava has increased 2,000/kg copper (from copper 3,600 up 5,600 dollars).

Company leader Sundar said, increasing the price of E100 is “mandatory”, not because of the exclusive company.

Reviews about the difficulties in the process of deploying the gasoline business E5, leader of the share sale, the Petrolimex gas E5 has not reached expectations, because consumers haven’t really trust when using gasoline E5 by public opinion in society are also many comments left width.

In addition, the difference in price between petrol and gasoline E5 bio-mineral RON 95 is not yet attractive enough to users; the deployment of many traders clues yet really fierce.

Mr Liu Thai Optically, President of the Association of biofuels when press answer, admit the only two of the company’s factories produced E100 Sukumar, only enough for the replacement of the entire RON 92 petrol with RON 92 E5.

“If use RON95 petrol 95 RON E5 and soon they must import the E100, or the State must support the factory of Binh Phuoc and Dung quat plant reproduce,” he said.

Under the leadership of biofuels, the main cause of this inactive factory 2 is due to heavy losses if the price of gasoline and the price of cassava. Themselves 2 factory of Sukumar also are holes but due to low production costs, and selling byproducts should “hold still”.

The route replaced RON 95 by E5 RON95 depends the State handle the issue on how.

Exclusive anxieties before the raw material supply of gasoline, he Saved that for Thai Optical: no matter the E100 exclusive petroleum companies have the right to import the E100 (2 months of this year there were 3 imports of Vietnam). The import price is also more competitive domestic production.

At the press conference the Government of PM 3.5, answer questions about the newspaper business make RON95 petrol quit Parliament, Deputy Minister of industry and trade, Hai Thang said: “we see that the need to consider carefully the proposals on the present because the company only provided Sundaram This type of fuel supply. Along with the need to ensure that the rates of competing or not because we currently have allowed gasoline imports not only domestic use, ensure healthy competition “.

According to PV (Infonet)