Franchise Model

Traders get the right retail gasoline as traders petrol retail business under franchise from the trader or traders clues to petroleum distribution. -To make the right trader petrol retailers, merchants must meet all the conditions prescribed in article 22 of Decree 83/2014/ND-CP (not providing paper traders get the right retail gasoline):

Traders have sufficient conditions below are made traders get the right gasoline retailers (hereinafter referred to as traders get right) :

1. Enterprises established under the provisions of the law, of the certificate of registration of a registered business enterprise of petroleum.

2. Petroleum retailer owned business or owning and co-owning be certified eligible retail store petrol in accordance with article 25 of this Decree.

3. Managers and staff directly to business training, training and certification training, training of Fire Department, fire and environmental protection under the provisions of the current law.

Benefits of franchising

Traders get the right retail gasoline has the rights and obligations prescribed in article 23 of Decree 83/2014/ND-CP.

  • Retail is representative of Minh Phat gasoline retail price stipulated by the Company.
  • Preferential price, source, quantity.
  • Minh Phat will provided with information about Petroleum industry through internal channels of the Company.
  • Get the support of business processes as stipulated by Minh Phat.
  • Perform recording mode vouchers fit the business model is the franchisee under the provisions of the Ministry of Finance.

Implementation Process


Contact the Sales Department of Minh Phat synthesis to learn about and apply for a franchise.


Minh Phat will check the conditions required of partners, such as business licenses, the profile of the company, the certificate of land use / land lease contract, shops design, financial situation, ... to make the franchise.


Signing a franchise contract.


Minh Phat will consult franchise partners for most suitable construction. After Minh Phat finalize the design, franchise partners actively work progresses.


Inaugurate franchise gas station with the assistance of Minh Phat